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Enrollment Partners was created to help schools actively improve enrollment results by increasing the return on investment from advertising & marketing initiatives. Combining the best practices of proven Education Industry leaders, we strive to help your business grow. Born from combining the experience in operating admissions at a 40+ campus &national online school with a 110+ seat call center with that of a full service advertising agency and contact center solutions company who has served the needs for hundreds of colleges and universities spanning over 15 years. We are focused on speed to lead performance, compliance and deliver results driven teams with the goal of increasing enrollment rate and lowering the overall cost per start for individual campus & online schools or large school groups.

Enrollment partners want to be an extension of your school. We can provide any component of outreach, contact or enrollment strategy in a seamless nature with your team. We can also take on the entire admission process allowing you to focus on your core mission.

We’re a group of innovative and creative thinkers who ask the right questions and employ the latest in contact and admissions strategies to drive enrollments. We consist of industry-leading experts who combine more than 50 years of marketing and leadership experience in for-profit, non-profit and higher-education groups.

Enrollment Partners is Led by its CEO Martin Najarro. With over 20 years of success in admissions and operations at public and private colleges and universities, Martin brings his experience as a school operator to provide a results driven approach. As a former Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, Martin focuses on providing tangible results that improve your business.

The addition of Enrollment Partners completes the cycle for Colleges and Universities allowing a complete solution starting with the advertising & marketing and then moving on to handle the contact thru application process & finishing with the enrollment.