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When the internal admissions operations cannot support the inquiry flow and necessary best practices to deliver effective follow-through and follow-up, advertising and marketing efforts may fail. In these instances, Enrollment partners provides schools with the experienced team necessary to fill in the gaps.Enrollment Partners will perform rapid call, pre-qualification, and transfer successful contacts directly to your admissions department.

The Process:
We receive the inquiries in real-time from your school or the lead providers and work them immediately. Once qualified, we transfer the contact directly to your schools admissions team. We also send all leads determined to be invalid back to the vendors for credit or replacement. We vary the contact strategy to increase the transfer rate and can work the non-contacted inquiries from 7-21 days.

Why schools utilize Speed to Lead Qualify & Transfer Service:

  • Not enough admissions reps available to quickly & thoroughly respond to the inquiries
  • Looking to improve overall conversion metrics
  • Current contact rates too low
  • Reps not working inquiries rapidly or hard enough
  • Enrollment rates to low
  • Appointment rates to low
  • Turnover in admissions
  • Want to have fewer but better qualified internal admissions teams working high intent only
  • Want to compare internal vs external solutions