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Enrollment Partners provides email automation, behavior based email drip campaigns, live personalized website tracking and engagement monitoring

The Process:
We work with the schools to create a series of personalized, behavior based, content driven emails which engage your prospects based on their actions and intent. A customized scoring mechanism can be created which is tied to the likelihood of enrolment which may be used to steer admissions activity and decisions. We can see all activity from the emails sent as well as any website visits by the prospect in the system, understanding what is being looked and, by whom and when. We can tie outbound calling efforts to the campaign to generate enrollments or pass the information of to your admissions representatives for further action.

Why schools utilize the Referral Service:

  • Looking to improve overall conversion metrics
  • Looking to understand the interest and intent of prospects you haven’t yet spoken to
  • Looking to increase ROI on your marketing spend
  • Looking to deliver personalized content to prospects based on their areas of interest
  • Looking to identify those actively interested so admissions may reach out