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When an internal admissions operations cannot support the inquiry flow and necessary best practices to deliver acceptable application or enrollment conversion rates, advertising and marketing efforts often fail. In these instances, Enrollment partnerscan provide schools with the experienced team necessary to fill in the gaps.Enrollment Partnerscan provide interviews, applications & enrollments to your new prospects and transfer the applications to your admissions department.

The Process:
We receive the inquiries in real-time from your school and/ or the lead providers and work them immediately. We work the inquiries through the schools process until the desired outcome is reached. For interviews, we follow your guidelines, seeking to qualify prospects based on your rules, completing the interview checklists and returning the completed interview package for your review. For application, we take them further along the process and help them complete your online application which is then transferred to your team. For enrollment, if the criteria has been met, we move from the completed application, gather the transcripts, andcomplete the enrollment in your system.

Why schools utilize Enrollment Partners for Applications and/ or Enrollments:

  • Not enough internal admissions available to quickly & thoroughly respond to the inquiries
  • School looking to grow/manage an online program outside of traditional campus operations
  • Want to compare internal vs external solutions
  • Current Enrollment rates to low
  • Looking to improve overall conversion metrics